Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tool # 5: Producing with Web 2.0 Tools

The first web based tool I decided to try was Animoto. I signed up for an account and started my exploration of the site. I liked that it was extremely user friendly, but the free access option unfortunately did not allow for the creation of a video over 30 seconds. Nonetheless, the next pricing option available was reasonably priced and cost only $30 per year. With this package, students can create more in-depth videos for presentations since the time limit was up to ten minutes.

Because I am inspired by art and literature, I chose Storybird for as my next avenue of exploration. This particular site is wonderful because it taps into a person's creative side. I found myself reading many of the story books created, and could not help but think about how much I would love to use this in my classroom. Let's face it, students love to create and this site gives them the opportunity to do so. :)

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