Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tool # 6: Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion in and out of the Classroom

The first Web 2.0 tool that I chose to review is Edmodo. Our school district has an account with Edmodo and it is a resource that is used by many teachers in the district. Edmodo has many great features which make it appealing for educators. One is that it allows for the continuation of class discussions outside of the classroom. Lively debates or discussions are no longer constrained by time restraints of a 44 minute class period.  It  also can be used for online assignments and is environmentally appealing because it is paperless. Overall, it is a great tool to utilize because it promotes collaboration between students and teachers. Giving students the ability to hone their speaking skills is essential for their  future success outside of the classroom.

The next Web 2.0 tool that I chose to review was Padlet (formerly Wallwisher). I was intrigued by the name Wallwisher, so I wanted to see exactly what it was about. People can post their thoughts on a particular topic and upload content such as pictures, videos, and documents for others to view. Like Edmodo, it allows for the sharing and collaboration of ideas. Both tools are beneficial because they promote the ability for students and teachers to explore topics in greater depth.

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