Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tool # 8: Taking a Look at the Tools

Two to three things that I learned about the devices coming into my classroom are the following:

  • The description of  features/parts of the Dell Netbooks and where these features/parts are located.  
  • How to set up an iTunes account for iPads.
  • Suggestions for classroom management procedures to follow when students are working with technology. 

I plan to manage the devices in my classroom by publishing a clear set of expectations or rules that students need to follow in order to use technology. I also plan on following the suggestion of having instructions posted by computer stations for assignments that involve a series of complex steps. Many times, off task behavior occurs when students aren't clear as to what they should be doing. Overall, being proactive by educating students in advance of proper technological procedures and carefully monitoring their use of  Netbooks/iPads will help ensure that activities are running smoothly and that students are on task.

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