Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tool # 7: Reaching Outside your Classroom: Online Digital Projects

An objective that I might want to teach would be for the upcoming year would be a collaborative project in math that involves students from the higher grade levels presenting lessons/tutorials for students in the grade level that they themselves had been in the year before. Students in the higher grade levels can serve as mentors by teaching and by providing insightful tips on how to overcome those areas of difficulty they experienced themselves.

One example of an objective that could be taught is how to properly plug in values for formulas involving measurement. Identifying the areas of difficulty such as remembering that B in the volume formula stands for area of whatever that particular base is versus lowercase b which stands for the side of a shape or figure is one area that older students can address and teach to younger students. I noticed many students had difficulty remembering what the variables in a particular formula meant. Students learning from their peers might be more engaged and motivated as they are getting more of the "inside scoop" on how to solve difficult problems. Students could utilize iTeach on iPads to prepare lessons/tutorials for younger students. What is also beneficial is that it is reinforcing the learning in the older students as well because they have to actually know it in order to teach it. :)

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