Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tool # 10: Digital Citizenship

Three things that I would want to make sure my students understand about being good digital citizens are the following:

1.) That they should not disclose any personal information about themselves to others online nor should they post any personal information about themselves on social networking sights.

2.) They are using these tools for educational purposes solely and, therefore, should behave online as they would behave in the classroom.

3.) What they put online is out there, possibly for good, and this may very well impact their future.

One of the resources that I would use to teach digital citizenship is Dizigen. I would create an interactive WebQuest that would require they watch videos and answer reflection questions based on the videos. I might also have them create their own presentations to present to the class.

I would share the idea of digital citizenship with parents by sending an informative letter home to be signed by parents. The letter would summarize the importance of internet safety for children.

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