Friday, October 5, 2012

Tool # 4: Google Apps

I can use Google Apps with my team and department to create a variety of forms that we can all collectively edit and tweak to our liking. What I like about creating a document on a server is that there is no worry that there will be extra forms "floating around," which could accidentally be mistaken for the most recent revised document. For example, teachers can collaborate to create an exam and know that there will only be one exam being updated.

I can incorporate Google docs into my classroom in a variety of ways: students can collaborate to peer edit each other's writing assignments, create and edit spreadsheets with data, complete homework assignments, create presentations, brainstorm, debate over pertinent issues related to curriculum being taught, complete surveys created, take quizzes or tests, etc...

I'm excited about the fact that students can now have the ability to share ideas and interact with one another. Google Docs encourages students to be more interactive with regard to their own learning.

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