Monday, August 20, 2012

Tool # 3 Noteworthy Online Video Resources

1.) Some online video resources that I found to be most useful for my content area:
  • Discovery Education: This well-known website has resources for not only teachers, but for parents and students as well. It has lesson plans for teachers in all subject areas, and also has educational videos that teachers can embed in their Activboard flipchart lessons. Long videos are broken up into parts so that teachers can use only the specific segment that they may need.
  • SchoolTube: This is great because it is videos made by students and teachers and, unlike YouTube, it can be accessed at schools because the content has been reviewed and determined to be appropriate. 
  • YouTube: You can pretty much find a video for anything on here. It is a great resource for any content area, especially math. I typed "two step equation" into the search engine and I ended up with 4,070 results. Typing in "box and whisker plot," generated 499 results. Let's face it, you can pretty much type in anything into YouTube and you will find a tutorial for it.
  • Tube Chop: After saving a saving a video to you computer, you can then use this site to cut down the video to the portion you feel is most important for students to learn. Allows teachers to maximize their instructional time!
  • ViewPure : This is one resource which is definitely a must, because it can be used with YouTube videos to remove anything that might be inappropriate for students to see. Students will just see the video on a black or white background without all of the comments, ads, and videos that can be seen ordinarily. Love this resource!!!

2.) Embedded Videos:
     a.) I found this student created video on School Tube. I liked it because creating songs, as a 
          means to memorize key concepts. is a good instructional strategy. 

b. ) This particular YouTube video is about scatter plots and shows students how to determine the line of best fit. I liked that it simplified made what could be a confusing topic for some students. 

3.)  With regard to copyright laws and fair use, I realized how little I actually knew. What I found out  was that they can be very tricky and open to interpretation. Consequently, I decided to surf for more information on copyright laws and what defines fair use. My conclusion after researching, was that it is probably best to contact the copywriter and request permission to use their material.

4.) Just finished downloading Dropbox. What I like about this resource is that I can access saved files from any computer and from my smart phone. 

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